We combine strategic and analytical skills to solve practical business problems, applying the latest techniques and software solutions to help you measure and manage risk and capital, grow revenue and create a competitive advantage.

Regardless of the size of your educated decisions without insurance industry jargon getting in the way. Asset base, insurance is both expensive and difficult to understand. That's where our company will help. We make the insurance process less confusing which saves time and allows you to make. we do NOT sell insurance. We are compensated solely by our clients, so our loyalty lies only with our clients - not to some insurance company who is paying a commission to sell products for them.

intellez is also a pioneer in the use of enterprise risk management (ERM) to help insurers identify and avoid potential major losses, enhance risk-adjusted returns, and establish and meet strategic objectives. As a thought leader for the global insurance industry, we’re committed to delivering the latest research on actuarial and insurance issues, including the industry’s most comprehensive surveys on ERM and predictive modeling practices.

Insurers around the world need to plan for new regulatory and competitive challenges. --works with clients to prepare for the changing landscapes by developing the right strategies and implementing them quickly and efficiently. Your individual insurance services consultant will put together a personal lines insurance portfolio that has the best coverage for you at the most competitive price available. We have access to many of the nation’s largest, most respected and financially sound insurance companies. And, we’re fully licensed to provide individual insurance consulting services in the areas where we provide insurance.

In this environment, insurance companies can’t afford to take on their challenges as if they were isolated from one another. Today everything’s connected, from technology to tax strategy. That’s where we can help. We bring every aspect of your business into focus – together.