Cloud Solutions

intellez is a hybrid cloud solution that offers the accessibility of the cloud while taking advantage of local hardware, providing access to data if an Internet connection is lost. This solution is unique in a marketplace that has been slow to provide alternative methods for retrieving data if no web connection is present. Cloud Computing is a general description for anything that involves delivering computing services over the Internet. These services are divided into three major categories: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

We have been consistently recognized by vendors as an industry leader. Through products and services such as cloud ERP & CRM solutions, we offer a user-friendly experience that encompasses the benefits of cloud computing, including anytime access, simplified IT, low cost of ownership, automatic upgrades and an increased focus on your core business. Our values of quality, trust, integrity, teamwork and enjoyment foster a positive collaborative environment. Knowledgeable consultants with whom you'll love to work can help you understand the benefits of the cloud and develop solutions tailored to meet your needs while presenting a user-friendly experience. 

Our company architecture represents changes in the way businesses think about IT solutions. These changes include answers to issues businesses commonly face, including:

  • Disorganized network maintenance and monitoring
  • IT security risks
  • Mobile device integration
  • Loss of cloud connectivity over poor Internet connections
  • Ongoing maintenance and replacement of dated hardware

 Our cloud services include:

  • Assessment and advising on the optimal cloud strategy and roadmap
  • PaaS and IaaS platform selection
  • Public, private, and hybrid option evaluation
  • Development and deployment of Cloud services
  • Scalable Multi-Tenant Cloud solutions
  • Cloud Customizations to fit your company’s business needs
  • Cloud support and training

Cloud storage solutions are also a more scalable and efficient way to store data. Rather than estimating the amount of data storage needed and purchasing the hardware required, a cloud storage customer will only pay for what is needed. Cloud storage is a scalable solution that can grow spontaneously to meet increased demand. There is also an inherent economy of scale when many individuals and organizations elect to store their data on the same systems managed by a single provider.